01/07/2022 - 09:20 / SETCESP

The location gained an area of ​​7,500 m² of lawn, 320 tree seedlings, a 500-meter walking track, furniture, landscaping and lighting with LED lamps.

Last Saturday (08/10), a major event marked the inauguration of Praça Hélio Rosolen, in Guarulhos, located on Avenida Lauro de Gusmão Silveira. The public square went through a complete transformation after receiving revitalization works from a public-private partnership between the city of Guarulhos and the transportation company West Cargo.

The name chosen for the square is a tribute to the former councilor of Campinas, Hélio Rosolen, father of the founding partner of West Cargo, as well as vice-president of SETCESP, Hélio José Rosolen.

On the occasion, Hélio explained that the adoption was an opportunity to give back to the community all the affection received in the form of accommodation by the company, contouring the uncomfortable view the site had beforehands. “We passed by this place every day and got tired of seeing the trash and dirt, so the West Cargo management decided to get their hands dirty and change this situation.” Then, he also spoke about the feeling of inaugurating a public facility that homages his father's name. “It’s a great emotion to be able to honor him in this way, especially on the day before Father’s Day, I feel immensely moved”, he said.

Present at the demonstration were the mayor of the city of Guarulhos, Gustavo Henric Costa, also known as Guti, the president of SETCESP, Tayguara Helou, the vice-president, Adriano Depentor, the entity's general secretary, Marinaldo Barbosa and the legal and executive advisor , Adauto Bentivegna Filho.

During the ceremony, Mayor Guti spoke about the revitalization of the place, “what we have here today was previously used for irregular disposal and was completely abandoned, but now it has become a reference for public squares in the city”, he said.

Still during his speech, the mayor took the opportunity to comment on the importance of transportation entrepreneurs for the city and recognize the work carried out by the entity; “I thank SETCESP for their support and ask that they continue to help us with the state and federal governments to bring more investments to Guarulhos”.

Regarding public-private partnerships, Tayguara Helou mentions the businessman's social responsibility for the country, “as businessmen we have to do our part. Extend your hands and help wherever needed, follow the example of what was done by West Cargo by adopting the public square and making it a beautiful place, which will obviously contribute to the well-being of its employees, because people are everything to our business collaborators”, emphasized the president of SETCESP.

To conclude the celebration of the event, a Manacá seed was planted by the mayor, a species that according to Hélio was his father's favorite, “wherever he is I know he will be happy and feel honored”, he commented.

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